Whitby is Flooded!!!


The East Coast has been told to prepare for the possibility of a flood all day however I don’t think anyone really took it seriously (at least the Co-op still had plenty of bread and milk when I ran down there at 4pm this afternoon).  Below are some of the photos I took at approximately the same time…

Whitby River

The river


The main road between the bridge and the Co-op


Just outside The Angel (Wetherspoons)


The main road (I had to go the back way to get around here)


…Two days later and power has been restored :)  Don’t think I’ve ever been so cold in my life!  I hope everyone else fared okay – luckily most of the other homes near me that went without power are holiday properties and shops who braved the freezing temperatures to open.  Sky even made it out to me this morning, but I shall update my Sky post when I am more awake.  Have a good weekend everyone.

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